What is a Lightroom Preset?

It is a configuration of settings, designed personally by creatives through trial and error to eventually achieve a certain aesthetic of a photograph. Once downloaded, you can install these settings (the preset) into your Lightroom App (desktop or mobile) and when you click on the preset the settings of that preset will apply to that photo.

Why use Presets?

The idea of a preset is that with just one click you are able to transform your photo with different alterations from colours, hues, saturation, shadows, contrast to grain and more. This allows you to speed up your workflow and you can achieve certain colours and style without needing to edit each photo individually therefore bringing simplicity to your editing sessions.

Presets are also used to bring a consistent style to photographs and it is used to create a distinctive and professional aesthetic to all your photos no matter which camera you use.

What Desktop Programs or Mobile Apps do I need to use the preset?

The presets are compatible with the latest Lightroom Classic CC desktop version and for Mobile you can use the free Lightroom CC app. 

Do presets work on every photo?

It is likely the preset won’t be perfect all the time as every photo has different lighting, colours etc. So when you click on the preset and it applies to your photo, you might have to make minor manual adjustment, for example: adjusting the brightness, contrast or temperature.